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“Lady Brew Crew” (aka LBC) are a fun group of womxn beer enthusiasts that enjoy providing small groups with memorable craft “beerventures”.

Lady Brew Crew Perks

  • Make your own schedule and hours
  • Engage with influential members of your local beer community
  • Meet people all from over the world
  • Share your passion and get paid to talk about beer
  • Access to the LBC network of diverse craft beer aficionados

Let’s celebrate your passion!


Promote inclusivity within the craft beer community.

Inclusivity is defined as the practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

We want to create space for individuals and groups who want learn more and/or promote the multiple facets world of craft beer.

Help minority groups passionate
about craft beer achieve their personal goals.

Our passion is to inspire and support others to pursue their personal goals within the craft beer community.

Whether it is creating your own hours, opening a brew pub/bottleshop, increasing your knowledge of beer, hosting a podcast, brewing beer, traveling the world drinking beer, managing a brewery, or becoming a beer tasting judge.

Let’s collaborate to achieve your definition of success!

In 2017, women account for 31% of total craft beer consumption by volume in the U.S.

The 2017 study also found that women make up 29% of brewery workers.

Source: &

LBC Members Core Values

Passion with purpose

Let’s turn your dreams and aspirations into your reality by create a world where you get paid to do what you love.

We aspire to work with people who are working to achieve a lifestyle that started off as a dream.

Juggernaut of awesomeness

Aweomeness is the quality of being extremely impressive and inspiring that it creates an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration.

With everyone we encounter and every project, the LBC strives to “craft ” an overwhelming force of positivity and inspiration.

True to ourselves & others

Being true to yourself and others can be challenging. It takes courage to not let others define you or make decisions for you.

The LBC strives to create space for people to thrive while being considerate and respectful of others.

Self care before business

The practice of self care involves actively taking an role in protecting your own well-being and happiness.

The LBC founder, Elle Thomas, will work with you to ensure you are taking the time to reflect on what you need to manage a healthy balance outside of work so you can preform at your best.

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Studies show that over 80 percent of Americans do not have their dream job. Let’s change that!
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